World Reknown Artist Cindy Jo

About Spirits from the Heart

Since 1996 Michael and Cindy Jo Popejoy have built a business admiring and honoring the Native Americans. Together they share a respect and appreciation for their native heritage.

Mike is also an artist in his profession. His meticulous personality is expressed in everything he does. They strive to live life that is filled with art and creative endeavors and hope to inspire others to include art in their day to day lives.

They started selling Cindy Jo’s art in 1995. After giving her father a Christmas gift, he ventured out and sold her first order in Las Vegas. Cindy Jo had to make a decision whether to work as a credit manager at a hospital or have her own business as an artist. That wasn’t too hard to figure out! 

Sales were very good, so they opted to expand their business by purchasing a large building in downtown Blackfoot.  They soon realized the added production required the need for additional assistance. Their great team was a success and often joked that their main task was to keep Cindy Jo happy! The success of their business was great but also required numerous hours working seven days a week, traveling and participating in shows.  After five years, they decided to downsize and build a smaller studio that allowed them to focus on Cindy Jo’s art instead of employees and a large inventory. 


About Cindy Jo

Cindy Jo has a Cherokee Indian heritage and has honored the pride of her heritage through her work as well as her life. Cindy is self taught in sculpture and mixed media and has been creating unique art work since childhood. Cindy Jo grew up close to the Shoshoe Bannock Indian Reservation and is very familiar with the Indian culture and legions.

Cindy Jo has been creating Native American style and is partial to the life of the warrior who conquers adversity with pride and honor. Cindy Jo not only admires the Indians, but feels we owe them a tremendous debt. The Indians culture has given us romance, legends, myths, as well as a history. They shaped the character of our entire nation. Their bravery, spirituality and devotion to family, tribe and the Creator are a constant inspiration to her. Cindy Jo has been said to be the "Rolls Royce" of Native American style artists and any collector who owns a piece of her art is sure to agree.

Cindy Jo carefully creates each piece totally by hand. She recreates the powerful and vivid colors of nature, as well as the most elemental materials that Mother Earth has provided for her people for years. Her lifetime research along with her own unique ideas lead her on to represent, promote, preserve, and protect a time and a people whose heritage fulfills a vast part of the circle of life.

Artist and designer, Cindy Jo has been featured in many galleries and in Cowboys & Indians Magazine. Her art work and creations are known nationally and internationally. Collectors continue to be fascinated with Cindy Jo's unforgettable display of expression, personality and individual characters of each piece.